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An eBook or a white paper can be a powerful content marketing and lead generation tool. I’ll work with you to help develop a clear idea, execute it effectively and distribute it successfully.

Below are some examples of ebooks / white papers I have produced:

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To set the project up for success, I begin by asking key questions and working with your team to develop the best possible idea and approach for your eBook/whitepaper. Some of the questions I will ask include:

  • What is your goal?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What topic will most interest them and align with your business?
  • How will we frame this topic to maximize distribution?


Leveraging my experience as a writer and as a marketer, I will employ a variety of strategies and best practices to create the best possible final product. Some strategies include:

  • Interviewing experts and influencers to add their input from a third party perspective to further support your ideas.
  • Including real world examples of businesses employing the strategies or ideas that the ebook discusses.
  • Providing you with opportunities to give feedback and consistently incorporating your revisions.
  • Referring you to a network of talented designers to make your project look as beautiful as possible.


No matter how great your content is, it will never help you achieve your goals if no one hears about it. I’ll help you maximize your chances of your ebook/whitepaper spreading far and wide. Some ways I can help are:

  • Utilizing my network and connections to other business thought leaders to get your resource out there.
  • Giving advice on how to best present your offering (should you use a gated landing page, paid search advertising, social media etc?)
  • Referencing and quoting social influencers who are more likely to help spread your resource with their network.

What are you waiting for?

You already know that an ebook or white paper can improve your business and your reputation. I can help you seize this opportunity and work with you to create an end product you’ll be proud of.

Let’s Work Together

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