Career Coaching for Marketers

career coaching for marketers

When it comes to navigating a career in marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all. I offer three distinct coaching packages to make it easier to get started quickly, but I often customize these offerings to meet my clients needs as well. Just ask! 

Here’s a quick summary of who each coaching package is for:

check mark  If you’re a marketer, creative or entrepreneur who needs advice quickly in one session, try my Rapid Results option.

check mark  Are you a marketer looking for ongoing, long-term career support? My Career Coaching package is designed for you.

check mark  Looking to grow your organization with marketing? My Marketing Coaching package can make a big difference.

Rapid Results Coaching

Support to help you advance now

Price: $350 (One Hour Session)

In need of marketing or career advice ASAP, but don’t have the time or budget to enroll in a more extensive coaching program? Connect with me for a quick, actionable one-hour consultation call this week.

I’ll answer your questions and talk through the business challenges you’re facing based on my experience as a marketer and career advisor working with organizations like the United Nations, People Magazine, and the Weather Company.

A quick, no-contract required way of working with me, we’ll explore your marketing or career needs and I’ll deliver practical advice for $350. Each consultation provides:

  • A forum for honest feedback about what’s happening in your business or career as I identify the opportunities and challenges you’re faced with.
  • Recommendations catered to your circumstances on how to tackle key marketing/career issues on a budget and quickly.
  • Examples of what’s worked for leading organizations, top leaders, and myself over the last ten years as a consultant and how we can adapt lessons learned to your approach.

To schedule a Rapid Results Coaching session with me, submit the $350 payment via PayPal below and I’ll email you to setup the call this week or next.

Career Coaching

Support to get you hired

Price: $1,200 (Four Sessions)

As a career coach, I help marketers land their first or next marketing job. I work with professionals who wish to break into the industry for the first time and established marketers looking to make their next career move.

With over a decade of marketing experience, I’ve helped dozens of marketers get hired through providing one-on-one guidance on gaining experience that gets them promoted, positions their personal brand strategically, and helps them develop authority.

How we’ll work together:

A four-week coaching program where personalized career advice and support is provided over four sessions consisting of one-hour virtual or in-person meeting once a week. During each session, we’ll go over a different aspect of positioning yourself professionally and I’ll give you assignments to complete with each session to immediately put what you’ve learned into action. The major benefit here is getting ongoing feedback from me on your approach in real-time during the program. 

What we’ll accomplish:

By the end of the program you’ll have a career road map to follow, a firm understanding of how to gain impactful work experience, the ability and confidence to communicate your strengths and skills externally and internally, and improved clarity on how to advance professionally on your own terms.

Marketing Coaching

Support to grow your company

Price: $3,000 (Six Sessions)

As a marketing coach, I help marketers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders more effectively solve key businesses challenges and drive results from their programs by embracing the marketing strategies that actually work.

The goal of each one-on-one session is to help the leader grow their organization in a meaningful way using digital marketing, content marketing or social media, while saving them time and reducing their learning curve in the process.

How we’ll work together:

A six-week coaching program where personalized marketing advice and support is provided over six sessions consisting of a 45-minute virtual or in-person meeting once a week. During each session, we’ll go over a different aspect of how your organization can drive sales, loyalty, leads and awareness from marketing. I’ll give you assignments to complete with each session like conducting effective competitive research or writing an effective pitch to earn media coverage and provide feedback on how to improve your approach in real-time.

What we’ll accomplish:

By the end of the program you’ll have a straight-forward marketing strategy to follow based on the goals you’re looking to accomplish, hands-on experience planning and executing cutting-edge marketing tactics, and customized templates to follow when launching and managing future marketing campaigns.

Client Testimonials

"I’ve worked with many career and business consultants. Brian is a rarity in both the depth of his knowledge in digital marketing - and his integrity. He went the extra mile to thoroughly review my digital footprint before we spoke, and immediately understood the essence of my questions. Many coaches know as much about digital marketing as they feel they need to - but it’s not really their passion. Brian understands online marketing at a very deep level as only someone who has followed it for many years and become an influencer in their own right can."
Karina McEvovy
Story Producer at Netflix
"For me, learning a new social media platform is like mastering a foreign language. And luckily, Brian is the perfect translator. He’s incredibly kind, patient, knowledgeable—and is sympathetic to even the most basic questions. I’m now really fluent in dozen or so new “languages” thanks to Brian’s expertise."
Henry Goldblatt
Editor-in-Chief at Entertainment Weekly
"I recently completed Brian’s Accelerated Marketing Support and this was one of my most valuable hours spent this year. He gave me a no non-sense rundown of what my social media marketing was lacking and what I needed to do to change it. He also guided me toward the most beneficial platforms for my business and industry. Thank you for the guidance Brian!"
Rich Curran
CEO at Expo Convention Contractors Inc.