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Looking for support with your marketing or your career? Partner with Brian Honigman to assist with your Consulting, Coaching, Training, Writing, or Speaking needs.

Work with Brian Honigman to create an actionable strategy to ensure your marketing programs and campaigns are results-oriented and thoughtful from the start.
Schedule a session with Brian one-on-one to learn how to take your career to the next level or evolve your approach to marketing the right way.
If your team needs to learn in-demand marketing skills that they can apply immediately, then have Brian Honigman create and lead a custom training program to guide you virtually or in-person.

As an in-demand business writer, partner with Brian to write your articles, scripts and guides to grow your audience, earn thought leadership, attract leads, and drive sales.

How do you get employees and event attendees excited about their work? Hire Brian Honigman, a relatable, entertaining speaker who will disrupt their expectations of what’s possible with marketing.

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