Brian Honigman speaking at NATO


Hiring Brian Honigman as a Speaker:

If you’re looking for a practical, entertaining and insightful speaker, than I’m the ideal lecturer for your next event. I’ve spoken at numerous organizations and institutions from the United Nations to New York University to NATO to Thomson Reuters about marketing, social media, content marketing, freelancing and career advancement.

Attendees leave my sessions with renewed enthusiasm for marketing (or their career trajectory) as all my advice is based on my academic research as an NYU and UFM adjunct professor, while balanced with real-world examples from a decade of marketing consulting for top organizations.

In the adjacent section you can watch my talk at the NATO Social Media Experts Forum where I discuss how NGO’s can use Twitter and Facebook as lead marketing platforms to support their philanthropic programming.

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My most popular live and virtual speaking topics:

Developing a Personal Brand at Work

The key to continued success at your company internally and within your industry externally is building a personal brand that communicates your career accomplishments, values as a professional and above all, your distinct perspective. Learn how to balance building a personal brand with a full-time job to position your career for the long-term.

How to Lead on Social Media

Leaders have the unique opportunity to direct the conversation about their company and industry by using social media strategically. Learn how to embrace social media as an executive to drive sales, humanize your company, and be proactive during a crisis while establishing yourself as an innovative voice in your sector.

Choosing Topics That Resonate

The content produced by companies often misses the mark as it is not focused on the right topics aligned with their customer’s interests and as a result, gets lost amongst the noise. Learn a straight-forward process for select topics of interest to your customers, aligned with your offerings and focused on driving meaningful results for your firm.

Building a Purpose Driven Brand

Your organization’s brand is more valuable than ever as it’s what can help your company earn word-of-mouth on social media and dominate the search results because customers look for you by name. Learn how content marketing can help your organization communicate its unique values and perspective as part of a distinct, memorable brand.

Being Self-Aware on Social Media

Most brand missteps don’t come down to poor taste or ill-will. They’re almost always due to a lack of self awareness. Consumers are savvier than ever and value authenticity, which is why you must be self-reflective about how you’re portraying your company. Learn how to assess your own self awareness and be more genuine on social media.

Balancing Strategy and Spontaneity

Memorable social brands are whimsical, full of surprises and act more like the people they interact with than the gigantic corporations they represent. Learn why it’s beneficial to both plan your marketing with a strategy and account for spontaneity, as balancing each are integral components of successful social media marketing.

Counteracting the Sea of Sameness

Reviewing the activity of competitors isn’t inherently a bad practice as it can be informative and provide ways to inform your approach. The problem is when we become dependent on following the activities of others as justification for a majority of our work as marketers. Learn how to differentiate your marketing to achieve lasting business results.

Practicing Moderation with Marketing

It’s a problem when your marketing feels too much like marketing. Investing too heavily in one channel, being too persistent or coming on too strong are all to be avoided. Learn how to make a more calculated tactical balance and practice moderation with your marketing for a better reception from customers.

Promoting Yourself with LinkedIn

Doing the work isn’t enough to succeed in the workforce today as you’ve got to communicate your accomplishments, challenges and ideas on a regular basis. LinkedIn is one of the many ways you can thoughtfully share what you’re working on, engage in meaningful dialogue and highlight your unique contributions to the field. Learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your work and advance your career.

Navigating an Unconventional Career

There’s no such thing as a linear career path, which is an opportunity to develop a career on your own terms. With more options to choose from than ever before, it’s important to embrace a range of professional experiences to achieve your goals and grow as a leader in your field.  Learn how to map a career path for yourself that’s purposeful, strategic and above-all, rewarding.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Honigman was able to provide a very good overview on the subject matter, suggest very useful tips, and engage the group in an interactive discussion. His extensive experience in social media and digital journalism, coupled with his ability to present the knowledge in a simple and interesting way, produced one of the most memorable lectures for this year’s training programme. The journalists said they had really enjoyed it and learnt a great deal. We thank him for his support and we look forward to his further engagement with our activities."
Mikhail Seliankin
Chief of Section, Global Communications at the United Nations
"Brian is an engaging speaker who delivered practical advice and great tips for our attendees to implement in their own marketing. Plus, he meets deadlines and is great to work with!"
Kathy Bushman
Director of Content & Learning, Digital Summit Philadelphia
"Brian came highly recommended to present at NATO’s Social Media Forum on the usage of Facebook and Twitter for Government and he did not disappoint! Providing guidelines and data interwoven with examples from other similar practitioners Brian turned the theory into digestible practice. You cannot go wrong with Brian as a speaker at your social media event."
Franky Saegerman
Head of Digital Insights at NATO
"Brian presented on creating social media strategies at our monthly user meetup to over 150+ attendees. His presentation was well-organized, thought out and extremely enlightening. The crowd gave rave reviews and we look forward to working with him again in the future!"
Robyn Steinberg
Outreach Manager at Wix
"I included Brian as a featured speaker at GSMI’s 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit. Not only is Brian organized and an absolute pleasure to work with – he also knows his stuff. He prepared a very concise, informative talk around content marketing ROI that attendees loved and found very valuable. I’ll definitely be inviting Brian back to speak!"
Breanna Jacobs
Conference Producer at Social Media Strategies Summit