Executive Social Media Training Programs

Social Media for Leadership: Customized training workshops designed to help executives craft their personal brand online.

Brian Honigman delivering a social media training for leaders

Corporate leaders are the public face of today’s top-performing firms. 63% of people say CEOs with social profiles are better representatives of their organization, according to a Sprout Social report. As customers and employees look to company executives for guidance, it’s an opportunity and a responsibility for leaders to respond and take action on the platforms where culture is unfolding. Guide the narrative of your company by using social strategically.

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Leaders are spread thin. Executive thought leadership on social must be a value-add.

Schedule a training led by Brian Honigman to develop social media skills that deliver business growth.

What is a Social Media Training for Executives?

A customized workshop for the leaders at your organization on how to drive results from their personal use of social media on behalf of the company. Each training is created and facilitated by Brian Honigman, a marketing consultant who’s trained and supported leaders at the United Nations, Zillow, LEGO, NATO, and Reuters.

Each workshop is delivered over a few hours or a series of sessions across multiple days. The focus is on getting executive buy-in for why social media is beneficial to them and their company and most importantly, how each leader can use social media successfully.

While every training is unique, the primary channel focus in these workshops is often LinkedIn. Given the unprecedented reach and professional nature of the social network, it’s usually an executive’s best opportunity to cultivate influence. However, additional channels like Facebook, Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter), TikTok, and others have been the central focus in past trainings.

There’s considerable value for your corporation to gain by empowering leaders with the skills to leverage social media such as:

  • Building awareness of your firm’s values, accomplishments, and employees by leveraging your senior leaders as brand advocates.
  • Enabling thought leadership by sharing the leadership team’s perspective and ideas, creating a competitive advantage to differentiate your brand.
  • Humanizing the company by showcasing the voices of key leaders resulting in improved trust and empathy for the brand and the executives.
  • Inspiring employees to advocate for the organization on social media by modeling the behavior of senior leaders active on these platforms.
  • Increased sales due to executives consistently engaging with the decision makers at your target accounts in an authoritative and educational manner.
Nato social media training

The Structure of a Social Media for Leaders Workshop

BEFORE the training workshop, Brian partners with your team to align on your priorities, audit your leaders on social, and to produce a syllabus to organize the workshop. Next, the training modules and materials are designed to reflect your firm’s goals, customers, circumstances, and industry.

DURING the delivery of the training, Brian will provide instruction and hands-on learning to engage your leadership team either virtually, IRL, or hybrid. Each workshop is organized into different modules to provide a streamlined and comprehensive overview of how to embrace social media as a daily habit.

AFTER the training is completed, Brian will send over suggested next steps for the training participants and schedule a brief follow-up session in a month or two. This session is meant to re-engage the leadership team to assess their progress and provide additional social media recommendations.

Meet the Training Instructor:
Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman outside the UNDP

Brian Honigman is a Philadelphia-based marketing consultant and owner of Honigman Media, a training and consulting firm he’s grown for ten years. He’s trained, consulted, and coached organizations and leaders on how to translate their expert insights into effective, results-oriented storytelling on social media.

To date, he’s provided social media training to the United Nations Development Programme, the Weather Company, Thomson Reuters, NATO, People Magazine, Wix, Entertainment Weekly, Software AG, the European Commission, and others.

Named a “digital marketing expert” by Entrepreneur and a “top social media pro” by Social Media Examiner, he is also the instructor of the “Social Media for Leadership” course on LinkedIn Learning. It’s been translated into four languages and taken by 40,000+ leaders. Enroll in the self-paced, hour-long course as an intro to social media for executives.

Social Media Training Course for Leaders
Watch the hour-long course here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Executive Training Engagements:

– What’s the typical duration of a social media for leadership training? It depends on your needs but the shortest workshop engagement is three hours and the most in-depth version of the workshop is two full days of eight hour sessions. 

– How soon can we schedule an executive training session with Brian? Based on client commitments, I’m typically booked a month in advance. I’m flexible to your team’s availability and will make every effort to move quickly to coordinate the dates and times of your training workshop.

– Is there a limit to the number of attendees that can enroll? The limit is 50 people attending each session. While most executive teams are small and mighty, I’m often delivering training to senior leaders at large organizations where the headcount is in the 100’s. In those cases, I’ll deliver a few sessions.

– Are these training sessions customized to my organization? Yes, each social media for leadership training workshop is personalized to your organization’s circumstances so the recommendations, examples, and considerations are as relevant as possible to your specific needs.

– Can the workshop be recorded? Yes, the training session can be recorded for an additional fee that would be incorporated into the total training fee.

 – What’s the cost of an executive training workshop? The fee for each workshop varies depending on the duration of the training, the preparation time required, the number of the attendees, the seniority of the attendees, the instructor’s travel expenses, and other factors. Please email me for a quote.

– Will there be hands-on exercises and supplementary materials provided? Yes, all my trainings include exercises during the training to encourage a real-time application of the concepts being introduced, provide an opportunity to offer immediate feedback to each attendee, and spur discussion amongst the group. In addition, I’ll produce cheat sheets, one pagers, and other relevant resources to streamline making social media a regular habit.

Client Testimonials

"We hired Brian to support our digital communications team at UNDP's regional office in Istanbul. His assignment involved delivering a marketing training in person and supporting us remotely for the next 6 months. I can say that Brian’s contribution to our team far exceeded our expectations. Not only was his marketing knowledge around social media and content writing top notch, but his presentations were always very thoroughly researched and well prepared, based on actual examples relevant to our sector. To supplement his presentations, he also delivered assignments, which gave us a safe space to practice what we were learning. As a result of Brian’s assignment, our total shares went up 302% and SEO links earned to our website went up by 11%. I would recommend Brian to any team seeking to increase their understanding of digital communications."
Mehmet Erdogan
Digital Communications Expert (Communications Analyst) at United Nations Development Programme
"Brian prepared and led a social media training for our organization and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. We were most impressed by Brian's attention to detail. He was able to personalize the training to our circumstances, engaged participants throughout the session with easy-to-follow and actionable advice on making the most of social media for leadership, and made partnering together a seamless process. I'd recommend him for your training needs, especially when it comes to elevating the marketing capabilities of your organization's thought leaders."
Shivani Mehra
Global Communications, Corporate Responsibility at Mavenir
"I’ve worked with Brian to create a course on “Personal Branding on Social Media” for our internal learning department. It has been a great experience and the result of our collaboration was excellent. Brian is remarkable with respect to the depth of his knowledge in digital marketing, his professionalism, and his warm and winning personality. I can't recommend him enough."
Peter Dern
SVP Corporate Learning and People Development at Software AG