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When it comes to navigating a career in marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all. As a Berkeley Certified Executive Coach, I offer three distinct coaching packages to make it easier to get started quickly, and each can be customized to your needs.

Here’s an overview of my coaching packages:

check mark  If you’re a marketer, creative, or freelancer who needs advice quickly in one session, try my Rapid Results option.

check mark  Are you looking to advance to the next stage of your marketing career? My Career Refresh Package is for you.

check mark  Ready to make a significant career pivot? My Career Deep Dive Package can help you navigate the change with ease.

Why Partner with Brian?

Career Coach for Marketing leaders

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My clients have described me as an experienced, practical, emotionally intelligent, and a results-focused marketing coach. For eight years, I’ve coached marketing leaders, business owners, and marketers at every level in building a purposeful career.

Why hire me as a marketing coach? First off, I show up every session ready to listen to what you’re working on and prepared to help guide you through your own decision-making process, and when it makes sense, provide relevant recommendations. 

I bring a diverse mix of experience to each session as I’ve been in the marketing field for 15+ years, worked with a range of leaders and companies across sectors, owned my own marketing consultancy for 10+ years, and have delivered over 160+ coaching hours to clients with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world. 

I’m a certified executive coach by the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, a part of Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley. I’m also in the process of earning a coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation.

What’s my coaching methodology? I offer a mix of directive and non-directive coaching focused on moving you forward in your career in marketing or a related field. 

Directive coaching is when I’m providing my own advice and recommendations in service of finding the right solution to a technical challenge where there’s less ambiguity as to what the right answer is. For example, formatting a resume or optimizing an aspect of your marketing campaign are often considered technical challenges. 

Non-directive coaching is when I’m helping you to problem-solve for yourself, so you’re identifying your own solution to an adaptive problem. An adaptive challenge is an issue where there’s a variety of ways to address it like how to define the next step in your career or ways of better motivating your direct reports. Either way, my support is outcome driven, actionable, unconventional, realistic, mindful of rules and how to bend them, well-researched, and a frictionless experience.

What does a coaching session look like? Every session is a mix of self-examination and establishing tangible steps towards progress. I meet with all my clients virtually via Zoom for one-hour sessions where we focus on addressing a particular career or marketing-related topic. 

The goal is to move you forward with an opportunity you’re considering or a challenge you’re up against. You set the stage by explaining the circumstances, I ask a series of questions, explore viable options, and finally, we’ll create a plan of action.

What results should I expect from collaborating? Depending on the coachee, I’ve helped individuals land more interviews, receive more job offers, get promoted, negotiate a higher salary, identify the next step in their career, stand out in a crowded job market, communicate more effectively with their team, establish their leadership style, better manage workplace conflicts, gain more visibility for themselves, and increase revenue from their marketing investments.

Rapid Results Coaching

Support to help you advance now

Price: $350 (One Hour Session)

Book a session this week or next

In need of marketing or career advice ASAP, but don’t have the time or budget to enroll in a more extensive coaching program? Connect with me for a quick, actionable one-hour consultation call. 

I’ll collaborate with you to identify your challenges, answer your questions, and determine what actions you should take to move forward based on my experience as a marketer and career advisor working with leaders at organizations like the United Nations, People Magazine, and the Weather Company.

A quick, no-contract required way of working with me, we’ll explore your marketing or career needs and I’ll deliver practical advice for $350. Each consultation provides:

  • A forum for confidential feedback about your professional life as I identify the opportunities and challenges you’re facing.
  • Recommendations catered to your circumstances on how to tackle key marketing/career issues on a budget and quickly.
  • Examples of what’s worked for leading institutions, top leaders, and myself, so we can adapt them to your circumstances.

To schedule a Rapid Results Coaching session with me, submit the $350 payment via PayPal below and I’ll email you after to setup the call this week or next.

Career Refresh Package


Price: $1,575 (Four Sessions)

Sessions are conducted weekly or biweekly

As a career coach, I help marketers land their first or next marketing job, more effectively navigate the workplace on their terms, and start-off and maintain their freelance careers. Whether you’re breaking into the field for the first time or you’re an established marketer, this package is designed for professionals looking to refresh their career and advance to their next stage.

With over a decade of experience and a certification as a Berkeley Executive Coach, I’ve worked one-on-one with dozens of marketers to get them hired, promoted, and respected at work. My goal is to help you build a career aligned to your needs.

How we’ll work together:

A four-week coaching program customized to your professional circumstances and unique career goals. Each session will be focused on an aspect of positioning yourself successfully, whether we’re pinpointing your skill gaps, building out your resume, practicing your interview skills, improving your communication approach, or defining how you’ll articulate your personal brand.

These sessions often cover some of the professional development areas below, but will vary based on the coachee:

  • Finding clarity by identifying the next career path you should consider in or out of marketing.
  • Developing a concise, distinctive, and compelling story about your career for yourself and others.
  • Drafting an effective resume, cover letter, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile that generates interviews or leads.
  • Recommendations on how to stand out from other candidates in a competitive job market.
  • Determining whether you’re best suited to position yourself as specialist vs. a generalist.
  • Interview preparation including identifying questions you’ll likely be asked and practicing with mock interviews.
  • Ensuring you’re successful in a new role from the beginning.
  • Improving your approach to collaborating with others on your team and across departments.
  • Navigating and resolving conflict in the workplace.
  • How to gain visibility in the workplace and confidently communicate your contributions.
  • How to take ownership of your career to negotiate a higher salary or earn your next promotion.
  • How to start and maintain a well-balanced career as a freelancer.
  • Establishing a personal brand that reflects your skills, experience, and leadership style.

Each session is an hour long and we’ll meet weekly or biweekly depending on your availability. A major benefit of meeting for four sessions is more time to identify your roadblocks and take action to address these opportunities. Plus, more face time with me is an opportunity to get feedback on the changes you’re making so we can continue to finetune your approach.

What we’ll accomplish:

Upon completing the sessions, you’ll have a career road map to follow, a firm understanding of your strengths and gaps to address, the ability to communicate about your career internally and externally, and improved clarity on how to advance.

Career Deep Dive Package

coaching to transform YOur work

Price: $6,450 (Twelve Sessions)

Sessions are held bi-monthly for six months

As an executive coach, I help marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, and high potential employees transform their careers to better reflect their goals and find more fulfillment from their work. Whether exploring the next stage of your current career, pivoting to another industry, looking for a better work-life balance, or taking the leap into freelance, I can coach you through this transition.

I’ll work with you one-on-one to develop a custom strategy for navigating this significant career shift, empower you to take action based on your own decision-making, and help you stay accountable to driving tangible results for the long-term.

The goal of each session is incremental progress towards the substantial changes you’d like to make in your career, while saving you time and reducing the learning curve in the process.

How we’ll work together:

A six-month coaching program designed to support you as you reimagine your career. An in-depth coaching partnership where we meet bi-monthly for six months to build out your vision for a career better aligned to what motivates you and take action to make the plan a reality. Each session is an hour long and focused on defining your ideal career path and how to start executing.

What you get from enrolling in the program:

  • A formal assessment of your strengths and areas of improvement — completed prior to the kick-off session
  • Six months of one-on-one private coaching sessions — twelve sessions total
  • Unlimited email support between sessions — during 8am-5pm ET working hours
  • Resources personalized to your goals — exercises, cheatsheets, and recommendations for books, articles, and podcasts
This program is for motivated professionals ready to make a meaningful series of changes in their career. I’m here to support you, hold you accountable, guide you through the process, save you time, and most importantly, equip you to develop yourself. In order for you to grow and for this program to be worthwhile, it’s essential that you’re disciplined enough to take action from our coaching sessions together. This program is not for professionals who are disorganized, unwilling to push themselves outside their comfort zone, or unable to execute on our work together. This partnership requires serious effort from both sides.

What we’ll accomplish:

By the end of the program, you’ll have taken considerable steps towards adjusting to your version of a rewarding career. Whether you’re pivoting careers, onboarding your first clients, landing the promotion you’ve been after, doubling the results of your marketing campaigns, or reducing your workload for a more fulfilling life, together we can change your circumstances.

Client Testimonials

"Brian is a thoughtful, prepared, and insightful career coach. His communications style is clear and efficient, and his presentations are focused on actionable information tailored to your own personal background. I had a lovely time working with him and will definitely work with him again in the future."
Tiffany Babb
Deputy Editor at ReedPop
"For me, learning a new social media platform is like mastering a foreign language. And luckily, Brian is the perfect translator. He’s incredibly kind, patient, knowledgeable—and is sympathetic to even the most basic questions. I’m now really fluent in dozen or so new “languages” thanks to Brian’s expertise."
Henry Goldblatt
Editor-in-Chief at Entertainment Weekly
"I had the pleasure of working with Brian and I couldn’t have asked for a better career coach and mentor. Not only he helped me to take the right direction in my career but also gave me the right knowledge to work on my skillset. During our time of working together, Brian has always excelled at identifying room for improvement and at developing a mid- or long-term vision incorporating these improvements. I can't be more thankful for the guidance I got through him."
Vidushi Malhan
Global Social Media Manager at Nu3, Skintist, and BEAVITA
"Brian was instrumental in my pursuit of starting a new marketing position. Without giving away too much of his secret sauce, Brian took the time to review what I wanted out of my next position but more importantly, how to analyze which positions were potential pitfalls. Brian took the time to review my knowledge gaps and turn them into potential strengths when interviewing. The result of his work was me being offered a job that I wanted within a few weeks of his services."
Sandro Pardo
Regional Marketing Director at ACG